Why steppe?

Here I grew up and since I remember myself I have always loved it with all my heart. I enjoy very much hiking in the mountains, have been working in a desert for some time, lived by a sea coast, but steppe always remains something special for me. Only here I feel truly at home.

I am an opportunistic photographer and although I always carry my camera with me when I am in the steppe, most of my photos are taken from the road or during some chance encounters with wildlife. I try not to disturb animals I want to take photo of and respect the distance they want to keep between us. 

Most of the pictures presented on this website were taken few years ago when I was working for Sociable Lapwing Project, for which I am very greatful to the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK) and all the partners involved. Working in this interesting project gave me the opportunity to visit many hidden corners of the steppe in search for Sociable Lapwing and to use project's equipment to capture landscapes and animals. I will continue uploading photos taken in the past and I am also hoping to add fresh photos in the near future. Now I am using Canon 5D with a 300 mm f/4.0 lens and Nikon Coolpix AW100. 

Initially the idea behind this website was to show the beauty of the steppe and to make my pictures available for those who might find them useful. However steppe does not only deserve admiration, but urgently needs protection. Here, alongside with beautiful and amazing creatures and landscapes, one more and more often comes across sad stories and serious threats. I have started a page 'Steppe under threat' which I hope with time will accumulate useful information related to issues of steppe conservation.

I will be happy to share any of my photos for conservation purposes, so please feel free contacting me so that I could send you the original high-resolution images.

Hope you will find this website interesting and useful! By making an effort of learning a little bit about steppe you are already making first step towards its conservation.                                 

 Maxim Koshkin


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